El Imposible National Park Hiking

Pickup at 8:00am

El Imposible National Park is the biggest Park in El Salvador

El Imposible National Park is considered as a must-visit place in El Salvador. Technically, its a tropical dry forest, its house of many species of animals and plants. There is white-tail-deer, toucans, motmots and an incredible diversity of plants and trees. El Imposible National Park is located in the western part of the country. We drive one hour in a pavment highway and then one more hour on a dirtroad to get to the main entrance of the Park. There is stores on the way to buy water and snacks. The park is virtually open all day long, as they allow people to camp there. Usually we do a 4-5 hike that included the famous El Mulo viewpoint, the ancient carved rock art and then a swim in the refreshing river.


There are many well-marked trails that take you around the park. The recommended trail is the one that takes you to the river juncture. We can swim there, beautiful clean rivers only for us. We leave at 8am from San Salvador, we drive two hours to the National Park, we make a stop at a gas station so you can buy water, snacks and use the bathrooms. There are also bathrooms available at the park, our hike starts with a visit to the local interpretation center. We are back in San Salvador at around 4:30pm.