El Salvador Layover Tours

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El Salvador Layover Tours, Things to do during a layover in san salvador airport.

El Salvador is a tiny country, you can do many things during a layover at the airport. San Salvador´s International Airport, now called Oscar Romero Airport, is now used by AVIANCA as a Hub for connecting flights. The airport is located 45 minutes away from San Salvador, and its also 45 minutes away from the Beaches. There is Mayan Ruins 2 hours away, great coffee in the mountains 3 hours away so the visitor can choose his tour depending on his layover time.

We wait for you at the exit of customs, we cover the planned itinerary and then leave you in time for your next flight, anything between 2 hours and 90 minutes is safe enough. The recommended itineraries are either a city tour or a beach tour if you have a 6 hour layover or a longer trip to the mayan ruins or the route of the flowers if you have more time.