El Salvador Daily Groupal Santa Ana Volcano Hikes

Daily Santa Ana Volcano Groupal Hike

Hike an Active Volcano and enjoy the impressive and amazing views around. The Santa Ana Volcano is the highest volcano in El Salvador and the third highest point in the country, 2381 mts (7812 ft) above sea level. Recommended for people that have never done a volcano hike. The difficulty is considered easy-medium...for a volcano hike, its a two hour hike up to the summit were you can take around 20 minutes to eat something or just take lots of pictures of the crater and the surrounding valleys and volcanoes. 2 hours more to come down.

Pickup is at around 8am, Hike starts at 10:30. The terrain is at fist flat with some stairs. The last hour up you are basically under the sun, no more trees over you and is a little steep, but nothing too difficult.

Included: pickup, bilingual guide, entrance fees, dropoff, lots of fun!


8am: pickup at your hotel. 2 hour drive to the volcano, we make a bathroom stop in a gas station where you can buy water or snacks. 10am: We arrive to the Cerro Verde Park and get ready for the hike which starts at 10:30am. Police agents come with us for extra protection. 1pm arrival to Crater, 20min break for pictures. Then we walk down the same way.

price: $45 per person

Minimum people required: 3 pax per day.

*Solo Traveller, contact us at contact@toursinelsalvador.com to pair you with another traveller or make it private. Pickups in the San Salvador central area, pickups in El Tunco available too. Special prices for groups.

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