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El Salvador has many beautiful places to do amazing hikes. Hike an active volcano or hike the highest mountain in El Salvador. Hike in the cloudforest or in the tropical dry forest. El Salvador is a tiny country so you can easily travel from one side of the country to another one.

Santa Ana volcano is located in a volcanic complex that includes Cerro Verde extinct volcano, Lake Coatepeque and Izalco Active Volcano. Santa Ana is the highest volcano in El Salvador. The hike is considered as easy-intermediate, almost anyone can do it. 2 hours hike up to the crater, hike starts at 11am. The terrain is at fist flat with some stairs. The last hour you are basically under the sun, no more trees over you and is a little steep, but nothing too difficult. Its 2 more hours to come down, then we walk back to the parking lot and depart to the Lake.

Included: pickup, bilingual guide, entrance fees, dropoff, lots of fun!

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Santa Ana Volcano Hike
el pital
El Pital Highest Point in El Salvador
El Boqueron Crater