El Salvador Layover Tours. Stop over tours

Layover or Stopover tours

El Salvador has become an International Hub for connecting flights. Take advantage of your time and get out of the airport to explore El Salvador.

We organize hikes, city tours, anything and anywhere you want to visit while you are waiting for your next flight. Explore El Salvador without spending any nights here. El Salvador is a tiny country and you only need a couple of hours to visit its most iconic places of interest. Plan a beautiful hike, yoga lessons, surfing or visit our volcanoes or any other place you want to see. Then, go back safely to the airport at the time you need to be, usually 2 hours before your next flight is more than enough.

The most popular options for Layover Stopover Tours are City-Tours, Mayan Tour-Lake Coatepeque visit, Cloudforest Hikes, Beach-City Tour. You can actually choose your day and your activities. Feel safe with our knowledgeable tourguides.

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