Los Tres Volcanes Hike, El Salvador Day Trips, Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde Volcanoes.

Everyday, Pickup: 6:00 at your hotel. Total Hike time roundtrip: Aprox 7:15 hours, distance: 14kms roundtrip.

Hike three volcanoes in the same day, its the most extreme hike in El Salvador.

The three volcanoes hike consists of the normal Santa Ana Hike plus the Izalco Volcano Hike. We call it the 3 volcanoes hike because we also hike up and down Cerro Verde, which is an inactive volcano with a lush evergreen forest. Cerro Verde is in the middle of Santa Ana and Izalco, Cerro Verde is a National Park and its where the hikes to both volcanoes starting points.

The Santa Ana Volcano has a crater of aprox 3 kms of diameter and one km deep. It is not possible to walk down to the lagoon inside the crater and it is not allowed to go around the crater. The Santa Ana Volcano Hike starts aprox at 8:00 and it is a guided hike. You ascend aprox 500 mts , it is a little steep at some parts but majority of it is an inclination of less than 45 angles. The local guides give you around 20min to wander around the crater, but not too far away...then the walking back is through the same trail.

The terrain of the Volcano is partially covered under the Tropical Forest, the remaining part is rock and volcanic sand with no shade from the sun.


The trip starts from your hotel, we pickup in San Salvador, Santa Tecla, El Tunco and El Sunzal...or surrounding areas. We pickup aproximately at 6am. Then drive aproximately 2 hours to the National Park. We make a stop at a gas station, for bathrooms and to buy snacks and water. The difficulty is Advanced as its a lot of ups and downs , the Cerro Verde part and the begining of Santa Ana Hike are under the forest, around one hour under the shade and then the shade is less and less until we start walking in volcanic rock and some volcanic sand...the terrain is firm most of the times and your toursinelsalvador.com guide is going to be there during the whole hike. We will finish Santa Hike at aproximately 11:30, at that time we ascend Cerro Verde and enter the National Park. We take 20 minutes for bathrooms and snacks and then we descend Cerro Verde's 1200 steps down to the base of Izalco National Park. There we ascend for aprox one hour and a half to the summit of Izalco. We can walk around the crater and then we descend to take the 1200 steps again. Then we depart back to leave you in your hotel aprox at 18:00. The weather in El Salvador is beautiful between Dec and May. Then it rains a lot and the visibility is less. The hikes can be cancelled if electrical storms are near or if wind is too strong.