El Salvador Mayan Ruins, Ruta de las Flores and Lago Coatepeque

Mayan Ruins in El Salvador

El Salvador is Mayan territory. The Mayan Civilization inhabited El Salvador for aprox 3000 years. The biggest Mayan cities where built in the western part of El Salvador. The first settlers arrived around the year 2000bc to the area now known as Chalchuapa. There is lots of important archaeological remains in this area, unfortunately urban growth and few interest have destroyed many of the remains, while many others have been sold to private collections in or outside the country. Tazumal is an archaeological site located in Chalchuapa and it has the biggest pyramid in El Salvador. The Tazumal archaeological site is a ceremonial center, lots of incense holders and other artifacts used in rituals have been found in these area. The archaeological site has 2 big pyramids, which served as temples to perform rituals and celebrate festivities in important astronomical dates. The pyramids also served as tombs, several tombs have been found inside the Structure 1, each tomb with its own offerings. These can be found in the modern onsite museum.


La Ruta de las Flores is located in the western side of El Salvador, its a "route" composed of small pintoresque towns which used to survive on Coffee production and are now exploiting tourism as a source of income. The most important of these towns are Ataco, Nahuizalco, Juayua and Apaneca. These lands used to belong to the natives which inhabited the area, then the lands were purchased by rich landowners who found a great soil to grow Coffee. The coffee was grown in the mountains and then transported down to the port on the Pacific to export it to USA. Now, coffee production is not profitable in El Salvador, unless you own many acres of land. Thats why many landowners are now including tourism in their coffee plantations. The Ruta de las Flores became famous around 10 years ago, when locals decided to organize Food Festivals on the weekends. You can come to Juayua and Ataco on a weekend and try the local food grilled in front of your eyes.


The trip starts from your hotel, we pickup in El Sunzal, El Tunco, San Salvador and Santa Tecla. We pickup aproximately at 8am. First we drive west to Juayua, a beautiful town in the Ruta de las Flores, we check out its main plaza, market and local life. Then we drive to Ataco, the most visited town of the Ruta de las Flores, Ataco is full of Murals and Shopping, also the best Coffee in the country. Then we drive to Tazumal, located in Chalchuapa. We do a 45min walk inside the Park. This is a ceremonial center with different construction periods. Built by Mayan societies living in the area between 2000bc and 900ac. You will receive a complete explanation about the site. Then we drive one more hour to Lago Coatepeque, we can either have a late lunch, a beer or coffee with a great view from the viewpoint restaurants or we can drive an extra 20 minutes to a restaurant with access to the lake in case you want to swim. Then we return back to San Salvador at around 16:30. Bring, sunblock, rainjacket and money for food and drinks, mosquito repellant, good walking shoes.

Price for Day Trip: $95 for one person, $25 per extra person. Includes Pickup and Drop off at your hotel, National Park Fees, Bilingual Guide. Tour runs with a minimum of 1 person per day, please book it below, we will confirm availability with you.

Cancellation Policy: No deposit is required for tours, but its polite to let us know of any cancellations. ON MONDAYS, MAYAN RUINS ARE CLOSED, WE VISIT CERRO VERDE INSTEAD.