Daily Shuttle Airport El Tunco - San Salvador - Lago Coatepeque - Santa Ana City - Cerro Verde

Book your transport from El Tunco to San Salvador, Cerro Verde, Lake Coatepeque and Santa Ana City...or vice-versa

Departure: 7:00 from El Tunco and 8:00 from San Salvador. Pickup location: your hotel. We drive to Santa Ana City at 9:00 (if theres drop-off or pick-ups) and then to Lake Coatepeque at 9:45 (if theres drop-off or pick-ups), then we drive to Cerro Verde, we leave you at El Tibet at 10:30, where the walks to Santa Ana Volcano start at aprox 11:00. Spanish-speaking guides available at El Tibet (guide not included in our price). After the hike, at aprox 15:00 we drop-off and pickup at Captain Morgan Hostel Lago Coatepeque at 15:45, then we drive to Santa Ana City at 16:30, we drop off and then we turn back to arrive to San Salvador at aprox 17:30 and El Tunco at aprox 18:30. Price from El Tunco and San Salvador to Lake Coatepeque, Santa Ana or Cerro Verde is $25p/p one way, price is $35p/p roundtrip. Price from Santa Ana and Lake Coatepeque to Cerro Verde or vice-versa is $10 one way. We need 2 people minimum per day, contact us to find out if there is somebody else for that day.