Ruta de las Flores

Ruta de las Flores produces the best coffee in the country

Historically, it changed the whole country in all aspects, there is a before coffee and after coffee El Salvador. You can still taste high quality coffee in the salvadorean mountains, probably the best coffee comes from Ataco, Juayua and the Apaneca mountain ridge. The mountains recieve the breeze from the Pacific Ocean, giving a great acidic flavor to the coffee beans.

What is Ruta de las Flores?

Its an area in the western salvadorean mountains, ideal for coffee production. Great temperature all year long, a bit chilly at night. This area on the mountains is joined by 2-3 main roads in very good conditions. The area has many towns and the most visited ones are Concepcion de Ataco, Juayua, Apaneca and Nahuizalco. There are other towns very authentic and less touristic than the ones we mentioned. Ataco is famous for its murals on the streets, Apaneca is famous for its ATV tours, Juayua is famous for its beautiful views and Nahuizalco is famous for being one of the towns with most indigenous ancenstry.

Every weekend, there are food festivals in each of these towns we mentioned. There is a lot of opportunities for shopping authentic, traditional Indigo clothes or other souvenirs. The food festivals are organized by each municipality and usually there is a lot of music and things to do around the central plazas.