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Los Cobanos

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in El Salvador. Its uniquenes is the yellowish color of its sand. While most of the beaches in El Salvador have dark sand, because of the volcanic eruptions, Los Cobanos sand is not dark because of the large amount of crushed shells which give a more gravely consistency to the sand and also a yellowish color. The waves at Los Cobanos are not as rough as other beaches and you can even snorkel around during dry season. The uniqueness of Los Cobanos is related to the coral reefs that are located out in the ocean in front of Los Cobanos beach.

Los Cobanos beach is easy accesible by car, it is not that easy to reach using public transportion. There are many restaurants on the beach with delicious fresh seafood. There are some activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and recently this has become a spot for departing on boat tours to see whales and other marine life. Another beautiful beach located near los cobanos is Playa Los Almendros, which is blessed with a unique geology that creates natural pools ideal for the children.

4 Reasons to visit the beaches

Take advantage of your Airport Layover
Surf in El Tunco!
Relax in a Hammock
Try the local seafood


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El Zonte - El Tunco

El Tunco is the most popular beach in El Salvador, in fact its probably the most visited place by foreigners in El Salvador. What makes it special is the large amount of waves ideal for different levels of surfing. El Tunco is also known for its crazy parties on Saturdays. El Zonte is also known for surfing but its oriented to a more chill crowd looking to get some silence and some ocean breeze.

El Tunco is also a spot where the shuttles from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua stop. There are many restaurants, bars and hotels in the area. The beach in El Tunco is almost completely covered in rocks! This is because of the rock formations surrounding the beach. El Sunzal beach is located right next to El Tunco and is a great option to swim during low tide and overall during dry season.

El Cuco

El Cuco is beautiful long beach where you will find yourself a lot of space to wander on the sand and on the waves. The level of the water is very shallow sometimes and you can walk into the calm water with no fear of being washed away by a big wave. El Cuco is located in San Miguel department in direction to La Union beaches like Maculis or Tamarindo.

Maculis is an amazing beach located near the Gulf of Fonseca. Its inside a small bay which creates a very calm body of water where you can snorkel and spot several fishes and even turtles. El Tamarindo is located nearby and its a big half- moon- shaped beach also full of restaurants and places to stay or drink.

El Salvador Beaches
Most popular beaches in El Salvador

The San Salvador Airport is located only 45 minutes away from the most popular Salvadoran Beaches.

El Salvador has more than 300 KMs of Pacific Coast. There are beaches in the middle of the country, on the west and the east as well.

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Sunblock, sunglasses are almost mandatory.


Rainy season is from May through November.

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