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Tours - Tamanique Waterfalls Tour 4-5 hours activity

Tour Description

We recommend doing this activity early in the morning. We pick you up from your hotel at approx 7:30 from San Salvador (We will confirm this with you). We start the hike to the waterfalls in the town of Tamanique, there are bathrooms and a convenience store to get water and snacks. We walk approx 40 minutes to the first area of the river where we can jump down from natural cliffs, you can jump here as many times as you like. The jumps here have a height of around 3 to 8 meters and jumping is completely optional. There is a natural waterslide here, and if the current is good, we can slide. Then we walk 10 to 20 minutes to checkout a beautiful waterfall where you can swim. There is a bigger waterfall where we can go, this waterfall is approx 50mts high and its the tallest waterfall in the area. You can also swim under the waterfall here. The way back is very steep and many times you will need to use your hands to climb up. It takes approx 60 minutes to get back to the town. We recommend bringing at least 2lts of water and a snack. The temperature during the hike is very hot and humid. Please email us if you would like to get more information about this activty. This activity is very demanding and hard and we do not recommended it for small children or people with some type of disabilites or illnesses.

4 Reasons to Choose this Activity

Beautiful Waterfalls
Cliff jumping, optional
Advanced difficulty Hike
Top activity in El Salvador

Accesibilities of The Activity

Private Tour Pickups from San Salvador, San Benito, Santa Tecla, El Tunco, El Sunzal, El Zonte
Bathrooms Bathrooms available before the start. No bathrooms once on the trail.
Lockers No Lockers available. You can leave anything in the car
Languages Spanish, English, French (Please check with us for availability)

Place Description

Tamanique Waterfalls are located close to Tamanique Town, aprox 20kms away from El Tunco. There are small pools where you can jump into the water. There are big waterfalls where you can swim in the fresh and clean water from the mountains. To get here there is a steep 40min hike down and then to go back its a very steep 1 hour, very hot and difficult hike, specially during rainy season. The 4th and last waterfall might not be accesible sometimes due to high risk of sliding down in rainy season. This hike is recommended only for people with a medium-high level of fitness.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is the hike?
It is very hard, in some parts, you will need to use your hands .
How to Dress?
Usually temperatures are super hot in this area of the country. Dress as you do for a hard hike, shorts are ok. Bring a sweater in case its windy on the summit. Running shoes are ok. Sunblock, sunglasses are almost mandatory. Bating suit under your clothes.
Can I use my debit card to purchase things?
It is better to carry cash, as not many places have a POS for cards here.
What is the best time of the year for this activity?
December - April
What type of person should take this trip?
People who like hiking, nature, waterfalls and hard challenges.
Tamanique Waterfalls Tour
Jumping, climbing, swimming!
1 Person $109
2 People $65p/p
3 People $50p/p
4 People $50p/p
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Need More Info?
We will be happy to help you!
Things to Remember
What to bring?

Sun Block, Sunglasses, Good hiking shoes, 2 lts of water, swimsuit.


Rainy season is from May through November.

How hard is it?

The hike is extreme.

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