El Salvador Mayan Ruins

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El Salvador has a big cultural richness that doesnt compare to any other country of Central America. Salvadorean territory is considered as the southeast border of the Mayan influence. El Salvador has four archaeological mayan parks that you can visit in the same day.

Joya de Ceren is a UNESCO World Heritage protected site, its located in the valley of San Andres only 40 minutes away from San Salvador.The importance of Joya de Ceren is that its the only archaeological site in the world that shows how Mayan normal people lived. Joya de Ceren was abandonded due to the eruption of a nearby volcano and the ash of this eruption preserved the village for us to explore. San Andres is also a very important Mayan site, there are many links between San Andres and Copan. Tazumal has the biggest Pyramid in El Salvador. its localted in Chalchuapa, two hours away from San Salvador. Casablanca is the fourth archaeological site, the least investigated so far, but we do know the first salvadorean Mayans lived in that area.