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COVID-19 Travel Update

After months of training, we are pleased to announce that we have received our Certification of Biosecurity Protocols, given by the Salvadoran Institute of Normalization.

This means that we have been prepared and informed about the different COVID19 prevention and emergency protocols. It also means we have the equipment necessary to prevent the disease and that we follow the sanitization process before, during and after your tour.

The certification provides the traveller with an evidence that we take COVID19 seriously and it also shows that we follow all the different processes related to COVID19 prevention and emergency management.

We are very happy about this achievement and we wanted to share this information with you. Thanks for reading!

COVID19 Prevention Protocols
COVID19 is a deadly virus that has affected the world for approx. 1 year. El Salvador has been affected but the numbers are not so bad at the moment. Nevertheless, we take the necessary meausures to keep the numbers low. Some of the COVID19 new measures are:
The use of mask at all times, except while eating or while on a hike in the outdoors.
The use of gel alcohol or alcohol 70% for sanitazing our hands.
We wash our hands whenever possible.
We avoid sharing objects life phones or pens, we avoid the use of paper.
At the moment, it is necessary to show a negative COVID19 test, antigen, blood or nasal tests are accepted for a time of 72 hours after the test results. This applies to all foreigners entering El Salvador. At the moment, the borders are open, The International Airport is open without restrictions. The terrestrial borders are also open. Please check the local updates norms of immigration if you are travelling here.