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Things to do in El Salvador

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Layover Tours

Take a tour during your layover. Take advantage of time. Go Hiking or just chill in the mountains.

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Volcano Hike+Lake Sunset

Do a Volcano Hike, checkout the Crater of an Active Volcano and then swim in the most Beautiful Lake in El Salvador.

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El Salvador Cultural Tour

Checkout our Cultural Tour. Visit the Mayan Ruins, The Route of the Flowers and Suchitoto.



5 star experiences

volcano el salvador

Discover the Authentic El Salvador, its a tiny country in the middle of the Americas. With a very fertile volcanic soil, super lush. Thousands of years of volcanic activity have created our current landscape, El Salvador is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The temperature is perfect almost all year: not too hot, not too cold.. We have two seasons: dry and rainy. Dry season starts in november and finishes in april. Rainy season is very wet, but rain doesnt fall all day long. In rainy season, it usually rains early in the morning or late at night. You can still have a sunny, awesome day in the middle of May, you just need luck!

The culture of El Salvador is very rich. Its probably the most authentic culture of Central America, why? Well, El Salvador has an almost nonexistent Tourism Industry. El Salvador is one of the countries of Central America with less visitors per year. Bad fame on the news, gang activity, insecurity, and other negative factors have created a shield that protects the country from big crowds of toursists or foreign investors interested in buying land, houses and businesses from locals at prices that other locals cannot pay. Thats why El Salvador is cheap to visit, food prices are established for local economy and not for tourists.

El Salvador’s tourism is based primarily in local tourists. Salvadoreans will flock the local tourist spots in the weekends. People from the San Salvador area, which has around 3 million inhabitants, will drive for a couple of hours to visit places like Ataco, Suchitoto, Lake Coatepeque, Cerro Verde, etc. Thats why weekends are by far the most active tourism days of the week. From monday through friday, tourism activities are basically “dead”. Thats why we recommend weekends if you want to see and experience the local salvadorean culture, try the local food and interact with the locals. But weekdays are perfect for activities like hiking or visits to tourist attractions because a private trip is almost guaranteed.


El Salvador is a great country to visit. Beautiful scenery, vegetation everywhere, authentic unique salvadorean culture, Mayan Ruins, super friendly people, Pupusas, surf...it has everything!